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Overseas Product Sourcing for all of Your Marine & Aviation Needs

DollarX boasts in its human resources the trading experts that have more than 15 years export business experience from China to abroad, and now we have focused on the sourcing service for our customers that need to cut down significantly the cost of maintenance, retrofit and refurb their assets in the aviation, marine and heavy machinery industries.   We source just about any OEM counterpart of products that your project entails, locate the right factory with the good quality manufacturing processes with competitive prices.  No matter what industry you need to cut costs in, no job is too big or small for DollarX.


We are the industry heads and produce the most reliable and trendy solution you are looking for in your retrofit/refurb project.

marine industry

electrical, mechanical, electronic & navigational parts from mostly Chinese imported vessels

aviation industry

electrical, mechanical, electronic & navigational parts from  Brazilian imported Embraer aircrafts.

heavy machinery industry

electrical, mechanical, electronic  parts for Asian imported heavy machinery.

The only place where you’ll get the perfect solution for all your industry needs.

see just how much asian sourcing from dollarx can save you!

Save Up to 50% on Your Next Project:

This MTU Gas Engine above is one of our top retrofit request for Chinese Aquila yatch owners in the U.S.  We carry a vast array of alternatives in different specs to fit the specific tech needs of your current layout.

Many outboard engines can be fully retrofitte with our Chinese OEM replacement kits for hal the cost of their original counterpart in the U.S.

From depth finders, anemometers, fish finders to wind meters, DollarX shows you why you shouldn’t give Garmin in the U.S. your hard earned dollars and let us source the counterpart in China for you with the same quality and half the price.

Still not convinced to let DollarX outsource your next retrofit/refurb project? Reach out and we will guarantee you at least 25% off the top of your budgeted project with same quality & warranty here in the U.S.!

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